Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) - Advertiser's

All Advertiser questions about Eonads.

How can l open an account ?

To open a new advertiser account you are required to visit our registration page, fill out the form and activate your account using the activation code which is sent to your mail while filling out the form. To register, please click

Is there any authorized deposit for advertisers and refund?

No,we do not charge any authorized deposit for advertisers. You can directly use your deposit on your account for your advertisements.There will be no refund after campaign creation,also for refund you have to email us at

Status of my advertisement banners is 'not approved yet‘. Why ?

In order to protect our publishers and their visitors from illegal data s, your banners are put into a process of confirmation before they are viewed and are not published until after they are checked by our moderators.

How long does it take for a banner to be confirmed ?

Our moderator crew tries to confirm the units which are applied for confirmation as soon as possible. This process do not generally takes more than a couple of hours. </br>However, it may take longer in some circumstances. Even so this process will take less than 24 hours.

Can l place restrictions to my advertisement views ?

Yes, you can restrict your advertisements in terms of country, language , operating system, device and browser according to which visitor profiles you would like them to meet.You can use the restrictions below :

  • Languages :Within a country you can now target specific languages where multiple languages are spoken e.g. English in Germany!.
  • Browsers :Target specific browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Operating Systems :Among Desktop OS options e.g. Windows 7/Linux or Mobile OS options e.g.Android or iOS.
  • Devices :Choose among Desktop/Mobile*/Tablets* /SmartTV* (*by manufacturer).

My adversitements include sensitive data, are such banners approved ?

We publisg your sensitive data advertisements on the sites which allow such data as long as they do not have any illegal redirections or illegal goods on the banner.Once our moderators approve your site and the banner you have prepared, your advertisements are confirmed and ready to be viewed.

Which currency is used for payments ?

Currently only Paypal is valid as a means of payment for Eonads. Alternate payment ways will be put into effect later.

Will there be an administrator to support me as an advertiser ?

We have a ticket system ready in order to solve our advertisers’problems as fast as possible. Our moderators will find a solution for all your problems without losing any time.However, since Tier 1 advertisers are privileged , they can keep in touch with our online support team directly.

How are the advertisers classified ?

We, as Eonads make updates on our advertisers’ profiles according to their performance at times and upgrade your account class from Tiers 5 to Tier 1.

For this , we depend on the criteria such as advertiser’s registered time(how long is the advertiser registered?), frequency of advertising (how often does he/she advertise?) and data quality (does he/she provide quality data?).

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) - Publisher's

All Publisher's questions about Eonads.

I am an owner of a website.Can l make money by placing Eonads banners on my website ?

Yes, if you have frequently visited websites, you can make extra money by placing Eonads banners to proper areas on your website.

Do you accept all kinds of websites ?

We welcome all kinds of websites which do not include any data against the law. For this, your websites are checked and once found suitable , they are verified by our moderators.

Am l required to register my banners to Eonads system before l create them ?

Yes, in order to place a banner to a website, you are primarily required to register and verify the site using the section ‘Sites’ below ‘Publishers Menu’ to prove you are the owner of the site.

Why do l see ‘Pending’ on Publisher Dashboard Page Publisher Account Status area ?

In this area you can check whether your account is confirmed as a publisher. While the confirmation process is in progress, your banners will be viewed on your sites and you will make money. Yet, banners with high CPM and CPC will not be able to be viewed.The process of confirmation usually takes a couple of hours. However, it may take longer in some circumstances.

In what circumstances is my account not confirmed ?

Any kind of data against the law or our rules, any misuse on banner views or clicks on the account where you have placed your banners will lead your account to be rejected temporarily or for an indefinite period of time.

Why is my banner’s rate view low even though my site receives frequent visits ?

The advertisements which are viewed in your site are registered to our site after each view, yet, only those which are valid are put into process. The pages which are frequently refreshed or views which are found abusive are automatically eliminated by the system.

Can l withdraw my publishing earnings anytime I want ?

Yes , as long as your earnings reaches the lower withdrawal limit of $50, you can withdraw it into your Paypal anytime you want.

Am l required to pay a fee in withdrawal transactions ?

Yes,Additional amount can be charged for each withdrawal transaction.

What is the maximum number of Ad units I can put on a page ?

You can place a maximum of five Eonads Ad units in one page.

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